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Automatically convert website traffic into quality leads by personalizing the text & visuals on your site based on who the visitor is and what they've done (or not done).

Easiest Personalization Platform built for marketers

We enable marketers to personalize their websites and nurture campaigns based on who the visitor is and what the visitor has done.

With CustomFit, marketer can understand why a visitor behaved in a particular way and when to reach out to them with more personalized content.

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See for yourself how Chargebee harnessing the power of CustomFit

“We were looking for a solution that will help us stay customer-centric and allow us to create experiences that make each customer feel exclusive. We did it with”

- Anirhudh Sridharan, Growth Experiments & Full-funnel Marketer at Chargebee

Case - I: Personalization of pricing plan for repeated visitors

Depending on the stage of the funnel, visitors look for different value propositions on the pricing page. To nurture visitors based on the stage of the funnel, Chargebee personalized the pricing page to showcase that their platform is tailor-made for specific audience segments for every visit.Personalizing with CustomFit enabled Chargebee to create unique experiences that led to higher conversions and understanding of customer expectations.

First-time visitors: Engage the visitor from the very first visit

Introduce pricing options.
Personalizing based on cohorts of ideal customer profile ICP

Second-time visitors: Nurture the visitor

Personalized Copy for repeat visitors who came for the second time.
Changed value proposition of the pricing page

Third time visitors: A/B test

Enable A/B testing with a personalized copy for third-time visitors
Personalize CTAs for different repeat visitor cohorts.

Case - II: Dynamic Demo page for different business models

Displaying the right intent on the Demo page leads to higher conversions. A variety of personas visited Chargebee’s demo page. The demo page had to resonate with the intent of the persona. Chargebee segmented website visitor audience into B2C, E-learning, Startup SaaS, Scaleup SaaS, and Enterprise SaaS.

With CustomFit, personalized messaging was crafted for different customer segments visiting the demo page.

Segmented website visitor audience into B2C, E-learning, Startup SaaS, Scale Up SaaS, and Enterprise SaaS

The result is 40% jump in demos booked

Identify visitors & enrich the data from various sources

The CustomFit Marketing Platform does all the heavy lifting for you. It collects visitor data from multiple channels, identifies the visitor and their behaviors, and delivers a personalized message based on who they are and what they have done.

Let us do the work!

No Code Changes!

CustomFit allows marketers to easily integrate the solution onto their existing websites irrespective of frontend or backend stack.

Marketers can personalize the site in few minutes with no coding!

Advanced Visual Editor

500+ levers to modify your website as per the visitor segments in minutes!

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