B2B Website Personalization: Need of the market

B2B Website personalization

B2C website personalization is trending in the market for many years. Companies have seen massive growth in clicks, page views, and average session duration. They have also seen a remarkable decrease in bounce rates. Now, it’s time to take advantage of the website personalization tool. It can change the B2B marketing world and strategize pathways.

Now, personalization on websites can drive more traffic to your leads. This can be applied to simplify your complex B2B sales cycle. It’s time to increase conversion rate by understanding potential customers and ample amount of data from leads, just by giving a connecting experience to your visitors.

Considering B2B market, one need to focus on 2 factors, first is ‘Segmentation of B2B market’ and second is ‘Audience’:

Segmentation: One can segment the B2B market through various parameters, Company, Industry, Visitors to the specific product page, demography, time zone or location, number of visitors to the pricing page, readers of content from a specific blog category, or the role of the visitor in the company.

Audience: You should technically identify the platform or mode, the visitor is approaching your page. As a marketer, you can measure the value of different customer groups by volume (“we sold the most packages to people in the travel industry”) or strategic importance (“we want to break into the automotive sector, so let’s send them to a special experience”). Depending on your business maturity level, your audience could be as narrow as a single account. "Understanding your audience" goes through a lot of jargon here.


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