Now can receive data from 100s of user touch sources. Thanks to Segment!

Now can receive data from 100s of user touch sources. Thanks to Segment!

Every user is unique, so is your App(Web/Mobile). With you can chisel hyper-personalized app experience & intelligent alternative user journeys to each of your user or segment of users. Your business users (non-tech teams - sales & marketing) can create multiple variants of your App without coding, making it custom-fit to your users.

For example, companies like Facebook & Google at any given point in time will be running 1000s of variations of its app. How it is appearing & behaving for me may be completely different from yours. Also, it will constantly be monitoring the user's reactions under those experiences. is exactly giving that kind of power and scale for your app, making your app custom-fit to your users.

Enter the Segment

Today, we are excited to announce our integration with Segment, further enabling people-first companies to easily access, retrieve and act on any type of customer data, from any 3rd party source. Segment collects, cleans, and controls your customer data within a reliable infrastructure. The powerful integration between Segment and enables you to instantly send any customer data & events from Segment to in real-time. allows you to dynamically receive User Identify & tracking events from Segment in real-time. So you can leverage Segment’s data collection features within the platform to power personalization rules. as a destination

As the platform powering your product personalization decisions, we recognize the importance of easily sending and receiving data from other tools in your data pipeline. With the Segment integration, you’ll spend less time managing data and more time improving your product experience.

As a destination, supports the identify, group, track, page, and screen specs from Segment. as a source as a source sends the experience metric back to segment as track event. This work is under progress. We will update this soon.

For more info about integration refer our docs

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